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Masters Degree in Economics

Post-Graduate Diploma in Development Planning

B.Sc. in Economics

21 years experience in development related work with governmental agencies, local NGOs, CBOs and international NGOs

Feasibility studies in rural community and baseline surveys.

Assessing training needs, designing training packages and conducting of training programs in various fields of community development.

Developing program strategy and implementation steps adopting participatory and bottom up approaches.

Setting annual community development budgets and preparing community development plans.

Organizing community mobilization and animation interventions.

Training in microfinance and credit managment

BSc in Economics and Anthropology

16 years experience in training and capacity building with national NGOs. CBOs, international NGOs and UN agencies in different parts of Sudan



Gender Specialist in gender concepts, gender analysis, gender mainstreaming and planning and gender training.

Diversified experience in designing, preparing and delivery of training packages in gender development related fields.

Community mobilization, capacity building and field studies with targeted groups in local communities.

Local institutions capacity building and systems development.


Masters Degree in Forest Protection

BSc. in Forestry

17 years experience in development and environment related fields in Sudan and the Middle East & North Africa Region.

Environmental specialist with long experience in environmental assessment and studies.

Significant experience in designing, field testing and the delivery of environment related training packages for various stakeholder groups.

Experienced in networking and coordination among NGOs, government bodies and local community structures.

Experienced in participatory approaches and techniques with local communities.



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