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Training Programs and Support Services:

DIG offers standard training programs as well as custom designed programs on request for international NGOs, local development agencies, community groups and individuals. DIG provides a wide range of training packages in the follow areas and topics:

        Project Formulation & Design (PFD)

        Proposal Writing (PWR) 

        Report Writing (RWR)

        Strategic Planning (SPL)

        Organizational Management (OMA)

        NGOs Management (NMA)

        Gender & Development (GAD)

        Training of Trainers (TOT)

        Logical Framework Approach (LFA)

         Group Formation & Organization (GFO)

         Rural Extension Techniques (RET)

         Research Methodologies (RME)

         Management Information Systems (MIS)

         Financial Management (FMA)

         Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

         Small Business Management (SBM)

         Credit Systems Management (CSM)

         Communication Skills (CSK)

         Natural Resources Management (NRM)

         Child to Child (CTC)

         Participatory Learning & Action (PLA/PRA)

         Fund Raising (FRA)

         Networking for Development (NDE)

         Conflict Transformation (CTR)

         Peace Building and Peace Culture (PBC)

         Child Protection Practices (CPP)

         Human Rights (HRI)

         Advocacy and Lobbying (ALO)

        Cooperatives Organization and Management (COM) 


DIG training packages are designed in a way that suits the practical needs of development practitioners in the Sudan and other developing countries. In its training courses, DIG applies a step-by-step, participatory, practical, learning-by-doing approach, which simultaneously builds capacity to produce results of immediate value. DIG training courses adopt a learner-centered approach, which applies an intensively interactive methodology that involves minimum formal lectures, maximum participatory activities and the extensive use of small group discussion and working groups.


In addition to training programs, DIG provides a wide variety of training support services such as organizing workshops, seminars, exhibition and demonstration programs; designing training materials, packages and manual; undertaking training needs assessment studies; providing training equipment and facilities; promoting training programs organized by other training institutions both in Sudan and abroad; and documenting training courses and related events.


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