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Research and Studies:

DIG research and studies undertakes policy-oriented research needed by emergency relief providers, development planners and policy-makers.  DIG provides state-of-the-art research, and consulting services for a diversity of local and international organizations. It adopts rigorous and up-to-date research methods, methodologies and analytical techniques to conduct quantitative and qualitative research to bring about practical solutions for problems and concerns in the fields of complex emergencies, rehabilitation and development and human rights and advocacy. DIG policy-oriented approach and rigorous research methodology ensure that research findings point towards specific areas of intervention/s and that the overall research informs the strategic planning of the relevant organization.

 DIG team of experienced and highly trained multidisciplinary researchers is committed to working with national and international agencies to formulate their surveys and studies, and design and conduct high quality research. DIG provides agencies working in the field of emergency relief, rehabilitation and development and advocacy and human rights, with valid, reliable, and actionable information so that they can make sound decisions and make informed choices. Amongst other things, DIG research and studies help organizations to get a deeper and a more critical understanding of the local and national socio-economic and political context within which they operate, accurately identify their capabilities and those of their partners and stakeholders, truly assess the needs of their beneficiaries and real impact of their interventions and helps them remain aware of the many external forces that influence their interventions.


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