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 Consultancy & Technical Assistance:


DIG provides consultancy and technical assistance services on request to governmental and non-governmental agencies and programs as well as community structures and groups. DIG adopts both a “work for” and “work with” approach in implementing consultancies and technical assistance interventions. DIG provides consultancy and technical assistance interventions in the following areas:

·        Baseline Surveys (BAS)

·        Participatory Learning & Action Applications (PLA)

·        Community Action Planning (CAP)

·        Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

·        Community Mobilization (CMO)

·        Community Animation & Organization (CAO)

·        Logical Framework Applications (LFA)

·        Participatory Situation Assessment (PSA)

·        Monitoring & Evaluation Systems Development (MES)

·        Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA)

·        Institutional Capacity Building (ICB)

·        Project Operation & Management (POM)

·        Project Formulation & Designing (PFD)

·        Organizational Capacity Building (OCB)

·        Project/ Program Evaluation (PEV)

·         Financial Systems Designing (FSD)

·         Information Systems Designing (ISD)



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