About Us

Who we are

The Development Initiative Group (DIG) is a consultancy and training firm established in 1997. DIG aims at enhancing human capabilities, help developing technical skills, and building institutional capacity of development agencies and business firms for better services’ delivery DIG provides integrated set of services including; training programs & support, consultancy & technical assistance, capacity building, research & studies, and graphic designing & manuals development. DIG adopts both “work for” and “work with” approaches in implementing its consultancy services. In training, DIG applies a learner-centered approach and set of participatory practical learning-by-doing techniques, which simultaneously build capacity to produce results of immediate value. DIG staff consists of a multi-disciplinary group of highly qualified and well trained professionals with very extensive practical experiences in training and organizational management and development.


"Realizing and sustaining the full potential of individuals and the maximum capacity of institutions to better serve and meet the development needs of the people"


DIG offers specially designed training programs, technical assistance, capacity building interventions, and research services to individuals and institutions. DIG promotes reality-based technical competence, understanding, and compassion amongst practitioners to enhance human capabilities and strengthen institutional capacities for best practices and high-level performance