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  Welcome to DIG  

     The Development Initiative Group (DIG) is a consultancy and training firm established in Sudan in 1997 to offer specially designed training programs, technical assistance, capacity building interventions and research services to enhance human capabilities and strengthen capacity of development agencies for sustainable development


     DIG's primary mission is to serve the increasing need of human resources capability enhancement, which will help to develop technical skills and to build development agencies capacity to better serve and meet the needs of the development community.

DIG is focusing on the promotion of reality-based technical competence, understanding and compassion amongst local development practitioners. In this way,
DIG enhances local development practitioners' capacity and improves standard of practices and work performance in development agencies.

DIG staff consists of a multi-disciplinary group of qualified and well-trained professionals with very extensive practical experiences in training and technical assistance provision at both the grassroots and organizational levels.

Individuals and organizations seeking further information or interested in DIG services should contact:
Development Initiative Group (DIG)
Bldg 50, Block 1/2, Khartoum (3)

Tel: (+249) 183475350 or 183476659 and 155123327
Fax: (+249) 183777017
P. O. Box: 2196 Khartoum - Sudan
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